KISSPrep Biochemistry Lectures 2019 Videos+PDFs

KISSPrep Pediatric Shelf Lectures 2019 Videos+PDFs
March 5, 2019
KISSPrep Pharmacology Lectures 2019 Videos+PDFs
March 20, 2019

KISSPrep Biochemistry Lectures 2019 Videos+PDFs

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KISSPrep is proud to present its series on Biochemistry. In the KISS tradition, these lectures will review the material in this difficult but high yield topic in a way that is informative, fun, and interactive. The material will often be presented in multiple different ways in order to facilitate application of patterns to material that is typically memorized as individual entities but not connected together, or to other topics. We hope that our mnemonics, pictures, drills, or various other memory techniques help you learn, understand, and apply the information presented not only on your exams, but in your careers as well.

Course Curriculum

Low Energy State
Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements
Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements Quiz
Enzymes Quiz
Acids, Bases and Amino Acids
Acid Bases & AA Quiz
Second Messengers and Neurotransmitters Part 1
Second Messengers and Neurotransmitters Part 2
2nd Messengers and Neurotransmitters Quiz
Endocrine Biochemistry Part 1
Endocrine Biochemistry Part 2
Endocrine Biochemistry Quiz
Nucleotides Part 1
Nucleotides Part 2
Nucleotides Quiz
Central Dogma
Central Dogma Quiz
Proteins & AA Metabolism
Proteins & AA Metabolism Quiz
Cell and Genetics Part 1
Cell and Genetics Part 2
Cell and Genetics Quiz
Biochemical States
Metabolism of Sugars Part 1
Metabolism of Sugars Part 2
Metabolism of Sugars Quiz
TCA & ETC Quiz
Glycogen and HMP Shunt
Glycogen & HMP Shunt Quiz
Metabolism of Lipids Part 1
Metabolism of Lipids Part 2
Lipids Quiz
Cori Cycle and Ketones
Cori Cycle & Ketone Quiz
Collagen, Heme, Urea Synthesis Part 1
Collagen, Heme, Urea Synthesis Part 2
Collagen, Heme, Urea Quiz


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    I ‘m interesting to start working on step 1 i need some advice for it

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