The Audio Digest Pediatrics Board Review, 2e (Audios)

The Audio Digest Family Medicine Board Review, 2e (Audios)
December 22, 2018
The Audio Digest Psychiatry Board Review, 2e (Audios)
December 22, 2018

The Audio Digest Pediatrics Board Review, 2e

The Psychiatry Board Review course is designed to match the defined learning objectives of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) for the specialty of Psychiatry, and it is intended to provide a source of review material for those who are preparing for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Psychiatry Examination and for those preparing for their Initial Certification in Psychiatry. The objective is to provide a comprehensive update in many aspects of psychiatry practice that will enhance the clinician’s lifelong learning experience.

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The Audio Digest Pediatrics Board Review Course contains:

  • 63 lectures available on the Audio Digest digital learning platform. Gain access online on the Audio Digest Mobile App
  • Appropriate for preparing for certification, recertification or as a comprehensive review of the Pediatrics specialty
  • Earn 100 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

Program Objectives

Upon completing this educational activity, participants will be better able to:

  1. Incorporate into practice current best medical evidence for issues commonly affecting pediatric patients.
  2. Select relevant diagnostic tests to guide therapeutic decisions in the management of pediatric patients.
  3. Ensure appropriate inclusion and timing of vaccines to prevent morbidity from and spread of a variety of diseases.
  4. Prevent or appropriately treat infectious diseases common in most pediatric populations.
  5. Prescribe appropriate pharmacologic agents for pediatric patients suffering from cardiovascular, metabolic or neurologic diseases.
  6. Consider the contribution of growth and development to the medical needs of pediatric patients.
  7. Use current knowledge and recent findings to more effectively manage behavioral and psychiatric issues related to childhood and adolescent development.


01. Welcome and Introduction – Eugene Hershorin, MD (Course Chair).mp3
02. Well-Child Growth – Joan Younger Meek, MD, MS, RD.mp3
03. Well Child Developmental Issues – Martin T. Stein, MD.mp3
04. Well Child Nutrition – Susanna Y. Huh, MD, MPH.mp3
05. Well Child Principles of Nutritional Support – Mark R. Corkins, MD.mp3
06. Well Child Immunization Update – Tamera Coyne-Beasley, MD.mp3
07. The Well-Child Check-up Screening Guidelines and Anticipatory Guidance – Joseph Hagan, MD.mp3
08. Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorders – Karin Vander Ploeg Booth, MD.mp3
09. Behavioral and Mental Health Issues during Infancy and Childhood – Ann Davis, PhD, MPH.mp3
10. Behavioral and Mental Health Issues – Gary Maslow, MD.mp3
11. Psychosocial Issues Bullying, Physical Violence, and Immigration – Gary Maslow, MD.mp3
12. Fetal and Neonatal Care – Avroy Fanaroff, MD.mp3
13. The Abnormal Newborn Part 1 – David Weisoly, DO.mp3
14. The Abnormal Newborn Part 2 – Matthew Saxonhouse, MD.mp3
15. Chromosomal and Genetic Disorders – Neal J. Sondheimer, MD, PhD.mp3
16. Metabolic Disorders – Fred Levine, MD, PhD.mp3
17. Disorders of Cognition, Language, and Learning – Heidi M. Feldman, MD, PhD.mp3
18. Universal Screening of the Newborn – Prem Shekhawat, MD.mp3
19. Adolescent Medicine and Gynecology – Margaret J. Blythe, MD.mp3
20. Adolescent Medicine and Gynecology Sexually Transmitted Infections and Pregnancy in Adolescents – Margaret J. Blythe, MD.mp3
21. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity – Johanna Olson-Kennedy, MD.mp3
22. Child Abuse and Neglect – Suzanne Starling, MD.mp3
23. Emergency Medicine Part I Respiratory Distress, Acute Abdomen, Anaphylaxis, Trauma and Burns – Genevieve Santillanes, MD.mp3
24. Emergency Medicine Part 2 Status Epilepticus, Altered Mental Status, Poisoning and Toxic Exposure, Foreign Body Aspiration and Ingestion – Ilene A. Claudius, MD.mp3
25. Emergency Medicine Part 3 Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Concussion and Head Injury, Hypertensive Crisis, and DrowningNear-Drowning – Jeffrey Bullard-Berent, Md.mp3
26. Critical Care Shock, Organ Failure, Impending Respiratory Failure – Brent Pfeiffer, MD, PhD.mp3
27. Infectious Diseases Part 1 Immunizations – Stephen C. Eppes, MD.mp3
28. Infectious Diseases Part 2 Viral and Mosquito-Borne Pathogens – Ravi Jhaveri, MD.mp3
29. Infectious Diseases Part 3 Bacterial Pathogens – Jessica Snowden, MD.mp3
30. Infectious Diseases Part 4 Fungal and Parasitic Pathogens – Stephen C. Eppes, MD.mp3
31. Infectious Diseases Part 5 Specific Infectious Diseases – Jason Newland, MD, MEd.mp3
32. Oncology – Kelly Lastrapes, MD.mp3
33. Hematologic Disorders – Ionela Iacobas, MD.mp3
34. Allergy and Immunology – Jay Portnoy, MD.mp3
35. Endocrinology – Ron Rosenfeld, MD.mp3
36. Diabetes in Children – Saleh Adi, MD.mp3
37. Orthopedics – John M. Flynn, MD.mp3
38. Sports Medicine, Physical Fitness, and Athlete Wellness – Aaron D. Gray, MD.mp3
39. Rheumatology – Aimee O. Hersh, MD.mp3
40. Neurologic Disorders Part 1 – Elaine Wirrell, MD.mp3
41. Neurologic Disorders Part 2 – Elaine Wirrell, MD.mp3
42. Neurologic Disorders Part 3 – Debra Byler, MD.mp3
43. Neurologic Disorders Part 4 – Phillip L. Pearl, MD.mp3
44. Ophthalmology – Sean Donahue, MD, PhD.mp3
45. ENT Part 1 Ear and Sinus Disorders – Anthony Magit, MD.mp3
46. ENT Part 2 Mouth, Oropharynx, and Neck – Craig Derkay, MD.mp3
47. Cardiovascular Disorders Part 1 – David Driscoll, MD.mp3
48. Cardiovascular Disorders Part 2 – David Driscoll, MD.mp3
49. Cardiovascular Disorders Part 3 Dyslipidemia and Treatment – Seema Kumar, MD.mp3
50. Respiratory Disorders Part 1 Upper Airway Disorders – Andrea Marmor, MD, MSEd.mp3
51. Respiratory Disorders Part 2 Lower Airway Disorders – Andrea Marmor, MD, MSEd.mp3
52. Respiratory Disorders Part 3 Parenchymal and Other Lung Disorders – Andrea Marmor, MD, MSEd.mp3
53. Gastrointestinal Disorders Part 1 – Praveen Goday, MBBS, CNSC.mp3
54. Gastrointestinal Disorders Part 2 – Praveen Goday, MBBS, CNSC.mp3
55. FluidElectrolyte Metabolism and Disease States – Vikas R. Dharnidharka, MD, MPH.mp3
56. Nephrology and Urology Part 1 – Lavjay Butani, MD.mp3
57. Nephrology and Urology Part 2 Abnormalities of the Genital System – Michael Carr, MD, PhD.mp3
58. Nephrology and Urology Part 3 Abnormalities of the Genital System in Males and Females – Michael Carr, MD, PhD.mp3
59. Nephrology and Urology Part 4 – Lavjay Butani, MD.mp3
60. Dermatology Skin Problems in the Newborn, Part 1 – Bernard A. Cohen, MD.mp3
61. Dermatology Skin Problems in the Newborn, Part 2 – Bernard A. Cohen, MD.mp3
62. Dermatology Part 3 Infectious Rashes and Infestations – Bernard A. Cohen, MD.mp3
63. Dermatology Part 4 Congenital Infections – Bernard A. Cohen, MD.mp3
64. Ethics for Primary Pediatricians – Kathryn Weise, MD, MA.mp3
65. Patient Safety and Quality Improvement – Glenn Rosenbluth, MD, MA.mp3

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